New historic charts for strategic metals on Kitco News

Happy to report that the enhanced page on strategic metals is now active on the Kitco website. Increasing the focus on the private investment sector, standard packaging sizes made room for historic price charts for each of the metals prices are reported on. The charts can be downloaded or printed easily directly from the page. This is what the new windows look like:

Kitco Update 2016-01-18

Pricing information and charts are now accessible directly from the Kitco home page, too. If you look at the “Favorites” bar you will see the new menu item:


Kitco Update 2016-01-18 2

If you have any feedback on how the information is presented, or questions regarding any of the metals, metals you would like to see listed etc please let me know.

2 thoughts on “New historic charts for strategic metals on Kitco News

    1. Thank you, Joe. I think so, too, and am very excited about this new feature. The market for these metals is very unique: it is “physical only”, and in many cases there are no markets like for precious metals. Prices are determined on a transactional basis. The novelty of this feature is that the source (Tradium) is an industrial supplier AND a partner to the private investment market. This makes their pricing information very robust. Let’s see how well it will be accepted. Thanks again for your feedback.


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