Current portfolio of Speeches and Presentations:

Metal Megatrends (c)

Available as a 30-45 minute conference paper, updated frequently with new developments and unpublished topics. The talk will be tailored to particular interests of the target audience. It defines technology metals and Metal Megatrends briefly and in simple terms, using examples and images to illustrate their respective relevance. It also includes aspects of recycling and refining of technology metals.

“Metal Megatrends” is also available as a keynote address, expanding into the larger context of sustainability, environmental impact and effects to our lives, and societies.

A Brief History of Precious Metals

This talk explores the early beginnings of precious metal mining and fabrication, walks the audience through broader exploration and early industrial uses up to the area of large precious metal corporations, their history, activities and – sometimes – fate.

The contents of this talk will be used in my book with the same working title, to be published mid 2016. Participants in this 90 minute session will receive a copy of the book, signed by the author, as part of the package.

The Marketing of Precious Metals

For the longest time, precious metal companies have been struggling with issues of differentiation. Historically, allowing products to be viewed as commodities has always led to prices spiraling downwards to the point where some players had to exit the market, while the remaining ones were unable to recover their losses in margin. The paper will feature actual examples of such events to explain the mechanisms behind it. It will also show cases of successful differentiation where precious metal companies were able to retain healthy margins on products for a sustained period.

This talk is also available as a full day workshop in closed session, the first half to explain basics, facts and examples, the second to work on actual marketing issues.

Fundamentals of Metal Security

Many precious companies still resemble fortresses to deter threats from the outside, and they use different types of search methods and patterns to prevent theft from the inside. The paper explains these methods including their pros and cons, and shows alternatives applied by precious metal companies with varying success. It also tackles issues of workplace violence and other human resource considerations.

This session is for security professionals only. I reserve the right to admit or reject participants at my discretion.

This talk is also available as a full day workshop in closed session, the first half to explain basics, tailored to particular client requirements, the second to work on actual security issues.

Fundamentals of Metal Management

A half day seminar on the basics of metal management, different types of metal accounting, effective ways to set up seamless “four eye principle” systems and to structure organizations more effectively for the purposes of accountability, and loss prevention. The session will also explain how to design tools for the monitoring of continuous improvements on various metal performance parameters.

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