Circle of Impact

40491595_10156784559923319_25945699866640384_n“Circle of Impact” is the new book from leadership consultant and keynote speaker Ed Brenegar. Ed is a fellow Triiibes member; Triiibes is a group of marketing enthusiasts and professionals founded by bestselling author Seth Godin back in 2008. Ed’s work is focused on people “in transition”, helping them to find the strength and confidence to make a difference, in their own lives as much as in the lives of others.

Thesis of the book is that everyone is born with the capacity to lead. Ed’s book teaches that leadership isn’t a position of authority, but a personal responsibility that anyone can learn. His “Circle of Impact” model is a problem solving tool everyone can use to create the change they wish to make.

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Looking back: Seth Godin’s “Tribes Casebook”

Tribes Casebook Cover

December is the time, perhaps, where people (myself included) are most likely to find some relaxation, time to reflect on the past, enjoy the present and create visions of their future. Updating my own profile I came across the “Triiibes Casebook” that – to this day – Seth Godin is still making available for free online.

Seth Godin, if you don’t know him, is an American best seller author obsessed with all things marketing and people. For several years, I had the good fortune of being a member of “Triiibes”, an online community he had created when publishing his book with the same title (well, with just one “i” in “Tribes”). The book deeply changed my views on marketing and societies and to this day, after the “Triiibe” has long evolved from the confinements of the online network, it influences my work and life. Not to mention the many amazing people I met along the way.

At any rate, the “Triiibes Casebook” is a wonderful collection of the many facets in which tribes work in our lives. I was one of the many people who helped with its creation, and I contributed a chapter on martials arts which starts on page 13.

Here is the link:

Have fun reading!