Canadian Mining Company set to Shift the Lithium Market

Rose MineCritical Elements Corp. of Canada is adding a North American supply source of lithium and other strategic metals. Click here to read the full interview with Jean-François Meilleur produced for Kitco News.

Where to find “Tech Metals Insider” on the updated Kitco Website

If you are a regular on Kitco’s website you are already familiar with their new layout which was available as a Beta for several weeks. The Beta has now become the Alpha and I am happy to report that it is much easier now to find my articles once they fall below the virtual fold on their homepage.

Just click the “News Tab” on the homepage, and “Tech Metals Insider” will appear in the “Lifestyle” section (circled):

New Kitco Website

Don’t believe me? Head over to Kitco and check it out yourself 😉

Many thanks to everyone following my stories.

Hafnium – Are Tech Metal Prices starting to Change Direction?

Bodo_hafnium2Earlier this year, I already wrote about Hafnium as a metal with the potential to experience shortages soon. “Soon”, as it turns out, is now. I had the opportunity to learn more about factors currently driving the price of hafnium from Bill Hattan, an investment broker specialized on metal portfolios. The full report was just published on Kitco News. Please click here to read.